​Institute of Celestial Learning

The Balance Between Light and Dark

Are we good or evil? Are we supposed to be one or the other?

The answer is No and Yes for we are the Balance in Between.

Our Path of experience within this created reality is one that is easy to get lost in.

We witness and experience so many events and energies that are good and bad that we really become lost in the what and how we are supposed to be and feel.

We are told to be good. All our lives everyone and every institution has taught us being good is better than being bad, and I agree.

But how many times have you been conflicted within because you really wanted to indulge whatever bad temptation was in front of you.

Or how many times have you become angry because someone wasn’t doing the good they should be doing?

You see the conflict?

The Truth is, we are the balance in between.
We are here to witness and experience a created reality, and we are to witness it from that line.
We use our positive Force, our feminine energy just as we us our negative Force, or our masculine energy.

For example:

Expressing anger or rage at someone we Love is using the power of the dark energy
and when we show an act of kindness to someone who is doing something bad, or someone we generally do not like, we are using our energy of Light in a dark situation.

If you ponder this concept you will begin to realize just how many times you actually use these energies and you will be astounded at where and how you use them.
Think about how many times you were good to a bad person, or how many times you were bad to a good person.

How many times have you done something bad for the good?

Trying to exist on one side of existence is probably the largest block in your life.

This is that hidden flaw within all of us, and it is that thing we just can’t seem to figure out.

We are not supposed to be only good and we are not supposed to be only bad.
As a matter of fact, the whole concept of “this is good and that is bad” is a major problem as we are supposed to WITNESS and EXPERIENCE all for the Growth of our Celestial Evolution.

We were to use these experiences as gauges to know what reality we want to exist in,
ultimately reaching a time where you will be able to create and exist in them.

We were to dance on the fine line of existence, stepping into our Light and stepping into our Darkness, but always returning to the state of balance within.

You are a Celestial Energy of Awareness and you must use the powers that are available to you to properly navigate through our existence.

You must be the balance between the Masculine and the Feminine.
The problem with this?

We have all succumbed to greed and temptation and we have tipped the scale so far over that the darkness and negative energies and experiences are outweighing the good, they are actually diminishing The Light of Existence and they have thrown us completely off balance.

This is why you are lost.

This is why you find and lose yourself over and over again.

This is why we are failing.

I have been given a new discipline within a Path.
One that will not only bring balance back to our existence, but one that will enable us to exist without the Dark energy growing stronger than our Light.

A Path that will enable us to be The Balance in Between and I hope you will join me.