​Institute of Celestial Learning

Breaking the Veil

“The minute you were born the false mask of society was placed over your Being.”

If I asked what you wanted to do or be as a child, you couldn't give me a fair and honest answer.

Sure, we can say “I wanted to be a fireman' or a "ballerina,” but, is that what your Celestial Energy really came here to experience? Perhaps.

In the truest sense of our reality within the created reality you couldn’t answer it because you
never had a chance to be what you originally intended.

Even if you didn’t have an intention,
you were still robbed and diverted from having your own chance to decide, or create your own reality.

“The minute you were born the false mask of society was placed over your Being.”

When that phrase first came to me it shook me to my core.

Not only did it show that I have too a false sense of reality embedded into my DNA.

It showed that my family and all generations before were exposed to this same type of conditioning.

When we watch movies or read books about the times of Kings, Queens, and Guillotines,
we see the large Castle with Royalty sitting high above while down below are the Common Folk.

The peasants who have to work and scrape to survive, pay taxes to the Church and State otherwise they will be cast out or killed.

If they cannot find a way to provide and pay, their families will starve in the streets with nowhere to turn.

Right? I'm not making this up and I'm not exaggerating, as a matter of fact, it was much worse than I can ever describe, but you’ve seen these types images depicted before in film.

Well what do you think is happening today?

Because you can afford to buy more things means life better?
Because your refrigerator is full and the heat is on, means things are that much different?

Nothing has changed except the face our society, and in my opinion, we are just flooded with mass distractions, more so today then ever before.

Our own Egos and own false sense of self are damaging the very existence of life itself.

Add in the fact that we embrace a society that damages every bit of our Earthly experiences,
and we're doomed

In a previous message I wrote that every aspect of our Society is wrong.

The Human perspective is damaged and the Collective Consciousness is almost beyond repair.

This is a direct result of that deception.

The mask placed over your Being, is in the believing of the conscious mind that functions within the limits of this created reality.

As infants we have been brainwashed into not only believing in a society that someone else created,
but living the life they too designed.

I can’t and won’t sit here and point fingers at some family of bankers who have been around for decades, and I won’t blame any old civilization that was attempting world domination.

I won’t blame religion, government, my parents or my grandparents.

None of the matters anymore.

The truth is: Evil.

Evil has deceived the Human existence, and in doing so it is destroying the very meaning of creation itself.

As children we are told that our PURPOSE is to get a good education:

“Be someone, make something of your life, get a good job, have a family, buy a home, and provide a good life for them.”

Now, this all sounds noble and wonderful, and I absolutely agree that we should be making our children’s lives better than ours, but I have to ask, is putting them into the same system of education that was designed to make industrial slaves really making life better for them?

Is filling their minds with the same information we were given what we should be doing?

No, it is not.

We have abandoned any and all true celestial connection, and we were never even given the chance to be a Natural Species.

From birth to death our lives are planned out for us,
and if we don’t follow the rules of society,
then we are either cast out on the streets with nowhere to turn,
or we are locked in a cage and forgotten about.

If we don’t pray and worship within one of the mainstream religions,
than in one way or another we will perish and burn for an eternity.

We are forced by fear and intimidation to accept these ways and pass them onto our children.

We wake each day continuing on with this existence of misguided learning while earning to buy more, and more, and more.

We watch, we listen, we hear, we smell, we seek, we taste, we want, we go, we need, we do,

we must…

And yet here we are still uneasy, unhappy.

Still knowing something in our life isn’t right.

Still knowing and sensing that there was, and is more to my being than this.

Well guess what.

It is because this is not your life.

It’s the one evil designed for us long ago.

Infiltrated our existence and took control.

Created a system in which we believe we are free but in truth,

we are only free within a maze.

We sit with our friends and family smiling and laughing pretending all is great.

“Life is good, everyone is doing really well.”

Meanwhile, millions or billions of lives are at stake due to the possibility of war.

Children in your country and my country are still starving and homeless.

Animals are still being slaughtered by the millions each and every day.

Our planet is being brutally tortured as we strip away land, poison the air and pollute the sea.

We sit watching it all completely crumble before our eyes.

We believe that we were created by God to come here and be obedient tax paying citizens and employees.

We do his so we can make money and buy what the planet already provides with for free and in abundance.

No one owns this planet, yet we buy water, we buy fruits, we buy vegetables and we accept this.

We pay for and rent land that we have a natural right to as we are a natural species of this planet.

We accept all of these things because we are distracted by what we embrace and pursue every day.


We believe this is a God given right to indulge in all this world has to offer regardless of the consequences.

And we accept this.


Because when you stand in front of the mirror, you are only seeing half of the truth,
as the reflection you see, has been blinded by the false veil of society.