The Messenger

What is it we’re waiting for?

Who are we waiting for?

We go through life literally waiting for one person to come along and save us.

Someone to show us a way, someone who can make our lives better, someone who can inspire
us to greatness and great change.

Someone who can help us build a better world for all.

Not a politician or a doctor, I mean a Divine Messenger.

Through out history we have had amazing Messengers.
Some within specific religions, and some were just individuals on a Path of of Divine Purpose.

But as far as today, I have to ask, what is it we are waiting for?

What is it going to take for us to stop listening and following with what everyone else says and does
and start listening to the voice within?

What is it going to take to find the one who delivers the Messages we’ve been waiting for?

We can’t keep waking every day half ass’ing it through life.
Winging each day as it comes, while hoping tomorrow is better, hoping tomorrow I see more clearly.

Especially when we are walking around taking part in, and condoning the acts of sin and temptation.

So who are we waiting for?

Are we really waiting for a woman to stand and proclaim she is pregnant without procreation?

Are we really waiting for a man to stand on and walk across water?

Someone who can perform illusionary tricks?

This will make then a valid Messenger?

Witnessing a person perform David Copperfield type magic tricks while talking about Spirituality, this is what will convince you?

Please, don’t misinterpret my message as insensitive and please know I am most certainly not
belittling the work of the one we call Jesus. He was just as real just as you, and there are and have been
other Divine Messengers who have become Ascended Masters.

As we go through life we often hear and are told to “keep and open mind” but how open
minded are we being when we abandon discipline?

How open minded are we being when we blindly follow faiths while another delivers messages
that resonate more truth than the faith we live and follow.

Yes, it is good to listen to others, hear, and see what it is they believe in, but it is also up to you
to find and follow your Path and you will only find that Path and the peace, happiness and
clarity that comes with it, when you surrender to it.

When you surrender within.

When you surrender to the one who resonates your truth of existence.

When you become disciplined in the teaching that resonate the most truth and light with you.

When you find a Messenger who delivers what you’ve been seeking, you stop seeking.

You become a follow and listen, you become adapt and become disciplined, you become a Disciple of Light. Regardless of your faith or lack of, we all can and should modify our teachings and beliefs until they only resonate pure logic and love.

Pure logic and love.

Sadly as I stated early, we are waiting for something that is never going to happen.

If we truly are sitting around waiting for this miraculous birth to happen and that child to
then grow into this great teacher who can perform magic tricks before we believe and change,
then I am sorry to say, we may be too lost.

Furthermore in todays massively divided existence, if a “Messiah” was proclaimed,
we would most likely tear this person apart every way we can.

If they performed these same miraculous events, he or she would be labeled by many as a fake,
a fraud, a demon of deceit.

Accepted by some, yet cast out by many.

If they had an ability that exceeded ours, they would be used as a tool for television and ratings
or taken in by a government that is ruled by church. Poked and tested, locked away and kept a secret.

Or worse, they would be dragged out and killed by those who do not believe.

This is why it will not happen this way, not again.
Our world is too divided, too far gone, and way too many are lost.

We can only move forward by embracing a new Path.

Darkness, evil, and temptation are everywhere and in everything and we must abandon
much that we condone and embrace.

We must rebuild what we call society.
We must reignite and reunite what we call Humanity, and we must find that person who can lead us into the Light.

We are all messengers.
We are all delivering something.

It may be words, feelings, thoughts and emotions but it all comes from what we perceive and project.

It all comes from what we believe and then teach.

We are all messengers in one way or another.

So again I ask,

who is it you are waiting for?
What is it you are waiting for?

For me, the time to surrender, accept and believe came long ago and the messages are being delivered.

In the end it really comes down to one thing,


It’s just a matter of you believing the messages.

It’s just a matter of you believing in The Messenger.


​Institute of Celestial Learning