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I have been searching for some very specific answers lately.
Answers that are not for anyone else but myself as I often save my own progress for last.

Not because I’m lazy, I mean, sometimes, I do procrastinate on things,
but in this case it is because I truly understand, or “know” that I am here to be of service to others.

When I was a child, a very young child, I had some questions that I have not had answered until recently.

Most children ask and have the typical questions about who we are, and where we come from as did I,
but I also had some other questions like…

“How did I get here?”
“why am I Alive?”
“Where did I come from?”

When I now think of the thoughts, the intent behind those questions,
I’m blown away that I had those thoughts at that age.

I can’t explain how I felt my connection as a child, but I knew.

I knew more there was more to our true existence,
but as many I too have been misguided, brainwashed… altered.

So recently, I have been having more visions of a world that is not here,
and I now know who, and what I am, and I know where I come from.

Of course more pieces to this puzzle will come to light as time goes on, and as I personally explore it more, but what I received in the last few weeks has put many things in place for me, and it has given me a great sense of relief and comfort and

I’d like to share some of these visions, thoughts and answers with you.

A little over a year ago during an “Celestial Meditation Travel” I was taken to a city,
It was reminiscent of ancient Egypt, or of the ancient Middle East.

The buildings were that sand / mud / clay type of look, multiple floors, with cloth canopies connecting some of the buildings.

In this travel I was flying/gliding between the buildings in what turned out to be an incredible experience.

When I lay down to do my travels,
I always set and intent and (or) ask a question prior, in this case it was;
“may I see where I come from, may I see home?”
and this is where I was taken.

As I was gliding around this ancient city,
I all of a sudden appeared inside one of the dwellings.
It was incredible yet extremely simple.

Interior was all stone walls and only a small type of table or “alter” type area,

I didn’t see any chairs, and I didn’t see a bed, it really felt empty but completely perfect.

As I always remain partially “conscious” during travels, and I asked how did I get here on Earth, and I instantly was whipped into a tunnel, a rotating fractal tunnel, and then the next thing I saw was amazing…

I was in a long narrow tunnel, not round, but square.
It had high walls, a ceiling and a floor, and it was illuminated in a whitish-bluish type of light.

I was at the height of the ceiling looking down into the tunnel
and as I moved forward and lowered myself, I saw hundreds of bodies all walking forward, not in a rush, just all moving at one pace forward.

It was these Beings that were illuminated, and it was their light casting the blue/white hue onto the walls.

As I glided over their heads, the tunnel turned right and I followed.
When I made the right turn my eyes opened wide, as I was completely awe struck
As the tunnel just ended with a square opening, it let into the Universe…

I hovered on the edge of the tunnel looking out and I can that I was very close to a massive spiral galaxy, the view, the colors, the stars and nebula, everything, the feel were amazing and I just looked up, out, and around in total amazement.

This seemed to be the (a) way we enter into the universe, our true Being, the illuminated body going out into the Universe onto its next journey.

When I came out of the astral state, I was blown away. I was actually kind of freaking out because I hadn't really experienced anything like that up until that point, and I really didn't spend much time investigating it after that either…

That was until about a month ago.

A little over a month ago I began to see that room again, that simple stone dwelling and I started to feel more connected to it. I started to feel there was more to know about my place in it, and it all felt incredibly important.

So again I began to use my own personal technique of Celestial Mediation to instantly access the higher realms. Once I was connected I projected my intention and I began to ask specific questions…

I immediately began to see visions of a planet, one that was orbiting a gas giant like like Jupiter.

The sky was a deep blue and purple, and it was absolutely gorgeous.

I can see more stone/clay buildings in the background, and I can see structures that are reminiscent of pyramids and temples.

Literally I am seeing another world, and I soon realize it is this world that I come from.

Now I don’t take up too much more of your time so I’ll just give you the conclusion, or at least what I know at this point.

I come from a World, a Planet that is of the higher realms, a world where we all live incredibly simple on the exterior because the evolution and growth of our consciousness and unity of all is what we focus on. We are incredibly, incredibly advanced in technology, so much to the point that the technology is primarily within us and conscious driven.
What I do, my specific purpose is that of a Celestial Communicator.

I travel to worlds where when it is needed l and help initiate the changes that are needed by delivering the messages form the mSource of All.

It wasn't a mistake that I came here in 1968. If you look at the year, and what was happening if all begins to make sense, at least to me it does.

In short this was supposed to be a time when ascension and that is what should have happened.

The darkness that had infiltrated humanity was being over loaded by a frequency of Love from our Source.

This would and should have been a time when balance between a structure and freedom were obtained.
Instead it became an even worse time of corruption as the messages of Light and Love were turned into a time of drugs, filth, hate and violence.

I don't mean this to insult anyone, there were beautiful times and people involved but the truth,
the blatant truth, is the the whole peace and love movement of the 60’s and 70’s were in fact a time when the human perspective was to Shift to a higher lever,
but that shift became corrupted as well.

Incredibly corrupted.

The message of Love and Freedom from our Source were completely taken to a place that was not intended

My purpose is simple.
I go where I am needed, and I speak what is needed to be said.
I show, teach, share, connect and I am here to do my work while I too grow on a Celestial level.
With all that was happening here in Earth in 1968 was enough.
It was enough for the Source to reach out and it is then when I received once again the Celestial call.

I serve a Divine purpose gifted and guided by our Divine Source.
I make no claim to be anyone specific and I wont engage in labeling myself.

Each day, every moment I receive and know.
This has all gone beyond “receiving” as it is always there.
I am connected constantly.

If it is one by one, or by the masses I will fulfill my purpose, and I will succeed.
I want you to know…
this, right now,
you reading this very message…
 is my purpose.

To let you know you are not alone,
and that we are all connected and we all have and deserve more.

I am here to let you know questions can be answered and that we can unite and ascend together regardless of spiritual beliefs or chosen faith.

We can.

I have seen the way,
I know the way and I will teach the way.
This is who I am, and it is what I do,
and it is why I chose to come here.

It is out of love.

The love of Creation and the love and gratitude that I have for our eternal source for giving me this gift of existence.
I will serve my connection and I will honor all life with kindness and compassion.

If you ever are in need, just reach out,
I am here for you.


The image… talk about signs.., I googled Light Beings and Egypt, and this image came up… Talk about about a WOW moment. 
Truly there are so many people here trying to understand their purposes. 
Through music, through art, poetry, everything, we find ways to express our truth. 
This image is so mind blowing to me because it is exactly what I see when I think of home…
Just wow!
Talk about perfect.