​Institute of Celestial Learning

​​​​The Collective Consciousness

I can sit here and type pages and pages relating to the collective consciousness,
but to be perfectly honest our society and way of life has deterred and distracted us long enough.

Furthermore, in terms of consciousness, the mind, and the souls relation to science and religion, (especially individual spiritual teachers of late) It seems most like to talk in riddles and use words that not everyone resonates with.

This isn’t a mistake on the messengers part, its just that they are only communicating to those within their path or belief system, or those they want to BUY into it.

This is why I choose to write in a way that can be hopefully be accepted by everyone.

Maybe all won’t accept my words and beliefs but I think we all will understand what I'm saying.

Right now you’re probably asking yourself;
What does any of this have to do with the collective consciousness?



The reason the world is in the state it is in, is solely due to our collective consciousness.

The distractions in life, the chaos, the wars, the division amongst all.

The environment, the animals, everything.

Everything that goes on in our world, good and bad is a result of our projected perspective feeding into the collective consciousness.

Even the energy we receive back is dependent on the energy we send out.
This is all true.

We are a lost species, one that is distracted and deluded, filled with false hopes and desires.

We have even become so conditioned and brainwashed that we believe our celestial energy was created to come here in pursuit of money and material objects, and to pay tax to church and state.

We now openly embrace a life created and designed by another.

One that is created to deceive and control and we accept this life as normal.

Meanwhile so many of us walk around miserable in our existence and we only find temporary happiness from the ability to purchase and “do” more.

We exist on a planet of indescribable beauty and diversity.

We can walk our planet and never have to worry about food and water or space to be free,
yet we congregate like roaches and frantically run through life to survive.

We tolerate and accept things in our personal lives as well as our social lives that do nothing but cause us hurt and heartache.

We honor the concept of war, we honor the enslavement of species and the eating of flesh and most don’t even think to question it.
Every aspect of the human experience is off course.

Every aspect of human life has been manipulated and redesigned by someone else long ago and done so for personal gain and control.

And within this world is you and I…

What do you think is happening here?

Regardless of what you think, and regardless of what you feel or believe, you, we, I, me, all of us transmit information out into the universe.

Our experiences trigger emotions, those emotions trigger thoughts, those thoughts trigger more emotions and all the while every thought, every word, every picture, every feeling and idea,
all of it is being sent out into the universe.

An organic living cell of storage.

Aside from the endless creation of life, why do you think the universe is expanding?

It's the Information, thoughts, emotions. It's our perceived thoughts and projections.

We receive, perceive and project and repeat the process over and over and over.

And yet, we ALL are so divided.

I constantly say, at this point in human history we are more divided then ever before.
Socially, spiritually, religiously, politically, racially we are divided in every way possible.

The signals we send off our world.
Your signals, my signals, your friends and family.
My friends and family. People we don’t know.

Everyone anywhere and everywhere ALL send out their signals into our ONE universe.

This chaos echoes out into the universe affecting all within its path.

This unbalanced mess of vibrations we contribute to existence reverberates back to us.

Who and what receive it, project back their perception of it,
and we receive that along with receiving back what we originally put out there.

We are not only sending mixed signals, we are receiving mixed signals and sadly the majority of what we send out is dark and negative filled with hopelessness and despair, greed and temptation.

This is why “Mindfulness” is such an important factor.
This is why SHIFTING our current way of thinking and living is vital to our very existence.

We cannot keep going on this path for it will not be tolerated much longer.
I told you, this was not the original intent of creation.

Every, and I mean every version of society before ours has fallen.

Only the ignorant arrogant ego of a misguided mind would believe we are at the peek of evolution and safe from extinction.

We embrace corrupt Churches Governments,
institutions that do nothing but keep you blinded to truth and distracted from your path.
Institutions that have literally enslaved a population and brainwashed them to believe it is their Universal duty, a GOD given right to pay taxes, pay for food and destroy our earthly home.
We support religions that teach us to hate one another as they teach us not to judge one another.
We open our hearts and minds to spirituality that say love yourself then teach us there is no self.

As children our parents taught us that money is the root of all evil, then told us, you can’t have anything without money.

Raised in contradiction, designed to believe and live in fear.

Here’s your religion, now go to school, get a job, have a family and repeat or you’ll end up homeless
or in jail, or you’ll burn in hell.

All the while inside, this just resonates so badly with us that we…..

we send out our signals of disapproval, sadness, anger, hopelessness, and we receive those back in abundance.

You, me and everyone not only send our signals out and receive back, but we feel and feed off of, and respond and react to the frequencies and vibrations of EVERYONE everywhere.

So even those being mindful everyday, those trying to live a path of light and love are battling through this negative force field.

It is a thick dark layer over humanity that only the true disciplined can break through.

No church, no politician, no new object and no amount of money is ever going to change any of this.

Everyone can be billionaires and we would still be miserable because the life we are living was designed by another, and we never… never had a chance to be who we originally were created to be.

So how do we fix this?

Can we even repair it at all?

We most certainly can.

You have to accept one thing before we do.

The results we dream of are in fact a distant dream.

We are a very long way off from creating a collective consciousness that perceives and projects a majority of light and love, kindness and compassion.

We are a very very long way away from that.
We have to accept that TRUTH before we can move on because we have to understand.
We are not doing this for me and we are not doing this for you.
We are doing this for everyone else and we are doing this for the future of our world and those who will inhabit it.

You have to be the ONE to SHIFT and ENDURE and HOLD this new understanding and way of seeing.

We have to be CONSTANTLY aware of what we are PERCEIVING and what we are PROJECTING.

We have to FORCE ourselves to TREAT ALL, regardless of their beliefs or projections, we have to treat ALL with KINDNESS and COMPASSION.

We have to CONSCIOUSLY abandon all that does not serve us.

It does not matter if our parents or grandparents lived and believed in these ways.

We can and MUST rise up above the poisonous ways of our families and friends.

Distance yourself from all that pains and distracts you.

Distance yourself until you become strong enough in your new knowing that you can defend and

protect yourself from the negative projections just by being.

Look around your life,

what are you collecting, cleaning, eating and worshipping.

What serves YOUR LIFE PATH and what does not.

Remove the clutter from your heart and mind, physically and mentally.

Learn to embrace the silence for before there was language there was silence.

Learn to mediate daily as stillness is our natural state.

Speak less, do less and just Be.

Love as many as you can and let them know it.

Let your projected perceptions be received by others as pure love so they can project it back to you.

Shift within and without so that Light and Love is what comes back to you, me and all of us.

Manifest not money and materialistic objects, manifest hope, care, kindness, unity, love.


Try to believe my words and know that we were not created for what we embrace.

Let all of this go, and begin to let the Light of this message in.