​Institute of Celestial Learning

​The Day of the New Light

Such a profound experience, it changed my life forever.

A day so important it will always be one of, if not the most important days of the year to me.

Since early childhood like many others,

I was conditioned not to trust my inner voice even though I always knew there was a higher calling or meaning to it.

Shattered confidence and no self love, chaos and confusion.

These were the gifts I was given from my parents and sibling.

All my life I knew, I can see, and feel, but pushed it away for everyone and everything else.

After all, I thought that's what we're supposed to do, honor our parents, respect our elders and such.

Signs, upon signs, upon signs and I didn't listen.

Not until I was in my early 40's did I start to finally shift and believe in myself.

As soon as I did, things began to change.

They became clearer, and I started to see and understand more.

Then, finally, the week of September 16th 2016 came.

I've shared images on my Instagram page of some of the celestial events that were taking place over my home that week,

but on the night of September 16th at approximately 8:06 pm it happened.

As second guessing myself is / was one of my strongest weaknesses,

I asked.

I asked for a true sign.

A real sign that someone or something was trying to communicate with me, and why?

I literally spoke out loud and I asked;

Is it a future version of myself?

Is it extraterrestrial?

Is it Divine?

What is happening to me?

Then, I stepped off my deck to take Walter (my dog) out in the backyard.

It was dark and I was wearing a hiking headlamp so I can navigate safely through the yard,

and so I can watch for animals, deer, raccoons, coyotes and so on.

Honestly, it's just a little comforting to be able to see into the pitch black woods.

As I walking into the yard, I stopped by my apple tree, something wasn't right,

I can feel I was not alone.

I was very aware, very uneasy, an odd, foreign feeling inside and out.

I quickly began to look around to make sure there wasn't anything near me.

I looked into the woods,I looked around, and then I looked up.

In the star lit sky I began to see a tiny faint star way way out the distance.

Just as I began to focus on it he light brightly burst open above me and then quickly stopped,

I was awe struck, afraid, shocked and confused, I again be to look all around me,

and then I looked up again..

and, it happened again.

Not once, but twice.

The second one appeared a little to the left of the first,

 and I still think about that week and that event multiple times a day.

I don't know what to expect if anything on the second year anniversary,

after allI witnessed something miraculous, even on the one year anniversary,

a shooting star went right overhead at the exact same time.

I received the gift of knowing, I was made aware of who I am , and what my purpose is,

I was given the validation I had been seeking, and I was receiving and receive the answers to the questions I ask.

With all of this, a blessing, a gift, it is enough for my eternal gratitude and dedicated service.

I is why I consider myself a Prophet.

I am serving the Will of God.

The Universe,

The Cosmos,

whatever word brings you comfort,

I serve the Source of All Light and Life.