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A few years ago I was having horrific dreams.

Visually horrifying dreams that my home and family were being attacked by demon type beings.

My wife would wake me because I would cry out in my sleep.

Finally one night, I asked her not to wake me anymore, I had to overcome them and understand why it was happening.

As expected I had the dream again, but this time I had more of my conscious awareness with me and I finally stood my ground and I fought back. It was a horrifying experience and I can still remember exactly how I felt, I also remember the moment I stood and said no, and I then went after them rather than waiting, and it worked. I tore them apart and threw them out of my existence.

After defeating then it immediately stopped and I physically, mentally and spiritually started to feel better, I began to feel and believe my connections, and those connections began to grow.

I knew they were real.

Now in recent years my dreams have been more audible or dialogue based.

Sometimes I can recall the entire conversations and sometimes I can't just like any other dream. Sometimes I even wake up in the middle of a conversation or I wake up in what feels like the middle of processing thoughts, or learning something.

Its almost like being interrupted in a conversation.

One minute I'm having the dream talk, and all of a sudden I'm waking up at 4:45am and heading over to sit at computer and type like I'm doing now.

Still though, If I was in the middle of a conversation why wouldn't I sleep until I got all the info needed?

These are the some of the questions I wanted answers to, however before we get into them I would like to point out something.

I Channel.
I connect and communicate with the Higher Realms, and various other guides and energies, and I also communicate with our Source of Creation, yes God. This, since my first book, The Book of New Light, has already caused some riffs with certain individuals, but I really don't care.

It, in my opinion is completely ignorant and arrogant to deny that someone may have a connection like this. It is real, I am beyond grateful for it, and I accept it. That's all that matters.

When I do Channel I do connect with three guides in particular.
They are Halem, Andari and am extremely high vibrational Being named Nara Nia.

I am in constant contact with the celestial realm and I have to maintain constant awareness.

I strive each day to only be only my Higher Self, my true Energy of Awareness as I continue to release and let go of our false existence.

The frequencies and vibrations do not stop.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week I can hear and feel the info, knowledge and answers.

I can also here the cries for help, the despair in humanity and the loss of hope,
and I feel everything in between.

All of it...

But this is not dreaming. I want you to have a clear understanding here.

Although I currently have "abilities" that many have not tapped into or experienced, dreams are different and they are absolutely vital to your development celestially and earthbound.

Please understand that the answers I write to the following questions are not "opinion based" they are Channel based.

They are answers given by only those who perceive and project true knowledge, light and love.

They are messages from those only of the of highest vibrational order within the Celestial Realm.

Why do we dream?

"As you know you are Consciousness.
An intelligence based energy.
So there is no you dreaming, there is only the consciousness processing.
The "conscious mind" that part of you functioning in the created reality in most cases is always connected to the true entity, the Celestial Being.

This energy is always sending and receiving.
It's is Updating, downloading, uploading, assessing, processing and so on.
Dreams are that function.

Just because YOU believe you are asleep you are not.

Think about that...

Sleep Mode:
Like the screen being off on your computer. Visually there is nothing going on, audibly things are quiet, but the mind of the computer itself is still working, processing, uploading and downloading.

You dream because you are an organic technology.

Your body is a vehicle, a rover.

It is an exploratory vessel for your true energy, and that energy does not reside in the body,

it streams in and out of the body.
An energy that when combined with your vessel make up the Soul.”

What are dreams?

"The answer is within the previous, but to be more clear. Dreams are a way for your true consciousness to evaluate, understand, process, and adjust what the conscious mind is experiencing.
Dreams are a way for questions to be answered and problems to be solved.

For example;

The conscious mind can be experiencing things in life that it does not like or understand.
So while the "conscious mind is in sleep mode,
the true Being can "create" alternate experiences in order to help or assist the conscious mind.

Simply put;
When you sleep, your mind will create events and experiences so it can figure out how to navigate certain aspects of the created reality.
During this, you are also adjusting your Life Path.
You are changing things so they fall in line with what you are manifesting and creating in your world.
Again, think of it as a computer.
You are making adjustments to your program so you operate and experience better.
You are uploading all of the information you experience just as you are downloading new information to assist in this experience."

Where am I uploading my dreams to?
"The expanding Universe.
The universe is a Cell similar to a hard drive on your computer.
The universe expands as life is created and as that life projects its experiences.
The Universe would be similar to what you refer to as "The Cloud" It is a living organic technology that stores and reverberates with what it is filled with."

Why do we not remember our dreams?
"Sometimes what is experienced or revealed within in a dream is NOT for the conscious mind to consciously process.

The conscious mind can become incredibly distracted by dwelling on experiences in dreams, when in truth, the mind will accept and absorb what it needs so it does not interfere with the conscious mind, but that information, the answers, the help, the "knowing" will come to the conscious mind in a natural feeling way so it is more more easily accepted by you the conscious mind.
Additionally, some of the information that is being created and or experienced in the dream is for the Higher Consciousness, your true Being and it is not for you the conscious mind to accept.
You are only seeing or retaining glimpses of it because your current mind is a small part of the True Being.
Even though ultimately it is your true Being experiencing your reality.

The vessel and its conscious mind are only permitted a certain amount of understanding.
This is called: The capacity of consciousness.
Simply put, you will only understand and process what a human needs to know in order to have an honest and pure experience as a "human."

Dreams are information being processed.

Processed for you and for your true Being.
It is a way to not only understand what you experience, they are the way we make changes to what we will ultimately experience in this physical reality.”

"Dreams are the conscious minds awareness of the operator processing, adjusting and rewriting the program to assist in the over all experience."