In the Heart of God for 30 Days

It was time.

I’ve waited long enough, I experienced enough and I second guess myself more than I ever should have.

I’ve abandoned and have given up on so many hopes and dreams due to my own inability to stand strong on my Path while believing in myself.

Yes, I have been strong throughout my life and I have endured things that have made me stronger.
But all of these accomplishments, all I have seen and done, desired and wished for,
where they what I really wanted? Were they truly why I came here?

Since Childhood the thought of communicating with the world has been my dream.

I never really knew what it was that I wanted say. I just knew I wanted as many people to know that they are not alone. Never, and not in anyway are we ever alone.

Years and years of messages, frequencies, vibrations, thoughts and visions.

Insight and wisdom, guidance and miracles that I just shoved away thinking it had nothing to do with reality, my life, or our existence.

I was, so very wrong.

30 days ago I finally had enough.
It was December 1st 2017 and it was time to start writing my book.

I gave myself a deadline, 30 days, no socials media, no distractions. Just me, my daily routine,
and writing.

All of my notes, all of the inner knowledge I had and kept. I decided to let it all go.

I realized that although we are blessed with the ability to ascend to a higher level of existence within the created reality. We, if not careful, are susceptible to being dragged down to the lower frequencies just by engaging them in even the slightest of ways.

I had to let go of all I knew or thought I knew because I fully accepted the fact that we live in a manipulated version of reality, one I have been trying to fight my way out of.
So my trust was still a bit unstable

I knew to write the book I would have to Channel and make sure I was only connecting to the absolute highest vibrational Beings so I would receive only messages of truth.

I began my normal routine but this time my intent was stronger and more focused.

I can feel the energy I was projecting was more pure and honest, and I was fully open to receive and regain my balance.

I fully expected to be connected to the usual guides and energies I often experience but this time I felt something different.

It was a familiar feeling, one that has always been inside but one the was unrecognized.
A voice of knowing.

One that would speak under and in between all of the other voices.
A voice I listened to less than my own.

When I finally let the static clear and decided that this would be the voice I would spend the next 30 days with, I had no idea I would be spending them with God.

The Source of All, The Source of All Light and Life.

For the past 30 days every day I sat down and asked questions.

Each day every question answered in a way that resonated nothing but pure truth and honesty.
A voice that originally intended us being to be the balance between the light and dark.
A Soul here to experience the created reality without harsh judgment.
One to see and witness the awe of Creation as a Celestial Energy on a Path of Creative Evolution.

But that's changed… Something happened and something must happen…

For 30 Days I sat in the Heart of God.

I sat, I spoke and listened and on December 31st 2017 at 9pm,

I finished the book and it's called The Book of New Light.


​Institute of Celestial Learning