​Institute of Celestial Learning

Because you have always known. 

You have been feeling a shift, you have been sensing an inner call. 

You have seen the numerical signs, and because...

You are here. 

Why was it created?

How will I learn to be free?

I am. I am the original voice of all. The Creator of all Light and Life and the Source of all Realities. I am you and you exist within me as I exist within you.

Jai is no one, everyone, nothing and everything.

It is the label given to the vessel that I have been trapped within for over 50 years.

Trapped behind a created ego, trapped in a world of fear, hate, arrogance, racism.

A world of filth and destruction.

Jai is the name of the vessel that I now communicate through as the ego of Jai now embraces the Path of truth and the Path of reality. 

I am.

Who will guide and teach me?

what is The Institute of Celestial Learning?

And who are you?

And why should I believe?

By accepting and embracing the new energetic frequencies being delivered to unite all as One with One.  

By utilizing undeniable truth and logic revealed though messages, exercises, and disciplines. 

By accepting gifted techniques and teachings that have been lost and hidden for centuries.

By being free to explore the truth of our reality as you are guided by Light and Love to obtain true insight and wisdom. 
By being free of the Darkness that feeds off of the fear we project.

By becoming the true Light and Energy of Awareness that you are. 

I will.

Utilizing the vessel we referred to as Jai,

I will communicate directly with you.

And who is Jai?

It is the temple of truth, the church of heart.

It is the doorway to the Path of truth in this existence.

It is where we remove the veil of ego, and unite as one within one.

It is where we resonate with the highest frequencies as we ascend with truth and knowing into the great existence of Awareness.

It is our Path... It is our Truth...

It is everything that is pure and true, and it is everything that is Light and Love. 

We experience through a world filled with the Industrialized and Endarkened.

We navigate through thought and distraction, need and want.

We connect and communicate through fear and madness, chaos and clutter as

we exist within constant thought. 

Thought upon thought upon thought, never breaking free of the madness. 

ICL was Created to free, connect and unite all with equality, love and kindness as we Ascend into the truth of our existence

It was created for you