​Institute of Celestial Learning

​​The Logic of Love

How many times have you spoken the words "I love"
How many times have you heard the words "I love"

I hate to be the one to say it in such a way, but most of us have no idea what LOVE really means.

We even fight, argue, and defend our interpretation of love when that act itself has nothing to do with Love.

The word Love is being destroyed. Completely and utterly made useless.

It has actually become a word used as an excuse more than it is a word of emotion and meaning.

It's now a word of description more than than a word of intent and nature.

The use of the word has become so thin and diverse that the true essence of Love has been lost for decades.

We, those who hopelessly hope, cling onto the word LOVE like it is going to change the world.

"Be Love, Love more, only love, we are love, love, love, love, love!

But what does that really mean?

With a straight face we say things like:

"I love my shoes"
"I love my dinner"
"I love this movie"
"I love this gun"
"I love this handbag"

And then in the next breath we'll say:

"I love my wife"
"I love my husband"
"I love my children"
"I love animals"
"I love earth"

So then love is measurable?

You mean you can actually gauge within yourself how much love you devote or dedicate, receive and give?


Don't you mean:

"I really like these shoes"
"I really enjoyed this dinner"
"I think this movie was great"

We use the word love literally for everything we enjoy, and that is what actually destroys the word and its meaning entirely,

You can enjoy and like things on many levels.

You can even appreciate things in a wide array of expressive emotions.

There is no degree to it, no alternate meaning and no varied intent.

Love is Love.

"I love animals” yet you eat them. So no, you do not love animals, you love pets.

“I love Life” meanwhile we partake in practices everyday that destroy every aspect of life.

I can go one and on here but rather than lash out at me, how about we take a minute and let all of this sink in a bit...

Because my message;

It comes in defense of Love.

We'll say a sentence like "I love my child" and I have no doubt that you do.

I am quite certain you love your child even more than you realize.

But if I asked you do you always love your child, What would you say?

Let's focus here...

If my son does something that makes me angry or upset and I yell or scream or take something away from him as a punishment, am I acting out of love or impatience?

Am I acting out of frustration, Stress or Anger?

Whatever word or label we want to put on it,

it is NOT LOVE.

We have come to use the word love to describe varying degrees of joy, happiness and satisfaction when in fact there is a dictionary full of words that describe all of those thoughts and emotions.

Again, they are not love.

Love is unconditional.
Love is unwavering.
Love is being the best you can be for all life and all existence at ALL TIMES.

Lets read that one more time....

Love is being the best you can be for ALL life and all existence at ALL TIMES.

Love is being mindful and aware of everything you perceive and project because Love is Love.

There is no impatience, frustration, anger, stress, worry, fear or hate in love.

There is no joy, no happiness in Love because Joy and Happiness are Joy and Happiness.

These do not make up love, for it is love that makes them.

Joy and Happiness are temporary. Love is not.

Everything good we are is Love, everything bad is not.

It's that simple.

We may love our children, but really, do you always express love to them? Your wife or husband, boyfriend or girlfriend?

I can go as far to say how dare we use the word Love for anything but love.

You love your shoes? You love your gun? No. You absolutely do not.

You just really like them... and worse,

we show them more constant patience and care then we do to the life around us.

More specifically...

You just really like them... and lets take a look at that line again,

You show them more constant patience and care then you do to the life around you...

Am I getting to you? Are you angry? Upset? Sad?


Are you Love?

You see, I keep telling you we exist in a created reality. We call it nature but there is nothing natural about our current surroundings, and there most certainly is not anything natural about our way of life.

We have been led so far off course that to find a way back is nearly impossible.

For most still believe what they seek is their truth, when they are still searching for it within the created society.

We don't focus,
we don't concentrate nearly enough.
We want fast food spirituality.
We truly want the answers to all life's questions to be in the form of a social media post,

Forget the word work. "We don't want to work for it."

Work? Throw that away.

Most will not be mindful of their "Mindfulness" and Mindfulness and Awareness are just that.

They are constantly reminding yourself to constantly remind yourself:

Internally and externally.

We hear the line "Love yourself before you can love others" and I agree with this.
But Love is not treating yourself to new material objects.

It's not giving yourself some financial based reward.

Loving yourself is knowing you are being and living the best possible way you can for YOURSELF and ALL LIFE AROUND YOU.

Love does not destroy, it does not belittle, it does not condemn.

It does not vary, it does not weigh, it is immeasurable.

Love is the existence of Light for all life on this world and beyond.

Love is the unwavering commitment to express nothing but gratitude for your very Being.
Love is a never ending emitted energy that does not go away.

It is only the Darkness and the false veil of society that break down our love and turns it into hate.

It is only from the projected fears of others that deter you from being constant love.

Love is Love.

If you say the words I love you, then mean it for love is the mindfulness and awareness you seek and it will only be there for you when you truly learn to love from within, and most importantly love always and in all ways.

With Light and Love,