​Institute of Celestial Learning

Maintaining the Spiritual Shift

One of the most important parts for me is the delivering.
If I cannot write or speak in a way that many can relate to, then what’s the point?

Regardless of education, or location (minding language barriers) I want, and feel I must be able
to communicate to as many people as possible as I know this is my calling.

I know that can sound like either a noble trait or display of ego, and it can be for some, but for me
personally, it is a flaw regardless of how its looked at. Not the part of doing for others, but the avoidance of doing for me.

That I do see it as flaw in my own character, because it often leads me
to the misguided way of “ not practicing what I preach.”

I can give great advice, but I don’t always take my own advice, at times… at times.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not beating myself up here asI have made amazing progress within my
own journey and I continue to do so, but like you and many others, I am here, and I am subject
to being exposed, willingly or not, to the world around us, even , the flawed aspects of it, and
we can, again willingly or unknowingly become assets.., assets of that world, and adopt these
flaws blindly.

So, “not practicing what I preach”

I’m sure you are familiar with this type of behavior and emotional output and it is one that is
not good. It really isn’t and if we don’t catch our flaws and mistakes then we can actually
delay our own Spiritual progress as well as our own Celestial Evolution, and, YES, being that
way can make HERE, the physical experience really shitty and THAT IS NOT what we want.

Even worse, if I overlook my own flaws and I then deliver a message to you, this can potentially
mean that my misguided perspective is not translating and delivering the message properly.

So that aspect of Mindful Awareness we covered in chapter;
Mindfulness and the Fluctuations of Frequencies, is eve more important then I originally expressed.

I also stated that it is extremely difficult to obtain a constant state of Mindfulness,
and that it can take years to master.

Well.., I'd like to modify that a little.

I still stand by every word I wrote and I won’t change anything as it is really good on its own,
and even though I can see room for growth, I do not see mistakes. So it stands.

With that being said, in this chapter we are going to advance our understanding of it further,
and we are going to advance our Spiritual growth incredibly.

By this time next week, if you commit.., you will not be the same person you are this week,
and the more you commit, the more the negative aspects and damaging emotions will fall away.
I promise.


I found a way.

I actually found a way for us to get there.
I found a way for us to let more of the false world we See, be unseen.

I found a way to let more of your true Being blossom while the damaged consciousness heals
and repairs.

I found a way that will help center your body, quiet your mind and bring blissful peace
to your everyday life.

Does this sound good? I know it does.

Does it sound to good to be true? Maybe to some.

Am I going to tell you how to do it? Yes

And I know what some are thinking right now? How much is it going to cost you?

This all does sound kind of like a sales pitch, right?

Well the truth is it sounds like one because I am giving you something that is that good.

And the cost?

Well, that depends on how much you are willing to practice what you preach, but financially,
right now? I

t won’t cost you a thing. Not a penny.

I told you, I am not here for your money.
I am here to deliver messages, and that is what I am going to do.

So this week you are going to incorporate a few new things into your daily routine.
I am not asking you to give up anything, I am not asking you to change or alter anything.

I am asking you to DO something for yourself…. Yes, Yourself.

Something that is about to make your life a whole lot better, calmer, and put you on that
disciplined path you have been trying to maintain.

Before we get into the instructions, you will have to have a way to “notify” or “alert” yourself a
fews times a day.

You will need a visual or audible reminder and it is a must because without it you will fail, and if you try to apply that attitude or mindset of “It’s okay, I’ll be able to remember on my own”
then stop reading now because you may not be ready.

I don’t mean that to be harsh, it’s just that we really have been misguided for so long, that the shift,
the real shift within the shift must happen more sooner than later. Okay?

So back to it…

What is IT that we want to do.

We want to bring more peace to our life.
We want to be more mindful of or actions and awareness.
We want to bring more truth into our existence.
We want to feel our true Being here and present as it guides the conscious mind.
We want to exist in this world as we feel our true connection to the Divine Source of All,

and we will, we will, as we are about to make all of this a reality.

The problem we have been having is maintaining….

Maintaining our spiritual progress and Path because we are not committing, or allowing ourselves to have the time needed to do so.

Because we think we need to spend LARGE chunks of time on it.


Do we? Do we really need to?

No… because we already are that, we just need to remind ourselves continuously until we break the bad habit and and for a new one.

Yes you are going to Create a new habit.

So, for example: Your iPhone or Android has an alarm clock on it. I’m sure it has all sorts of ways to get your attention but for me, a simple alarm is all I need.

You are going to select a MINIMUM of 4 notifications…

Let’s say sometime in the morning, afternoon, early evening, and later evening, you pick,
for me it is one of the first things in the morning, then around lunch time when my
son is eating or napping, then usually around dinner time, then sometime before bed.

Well go ahead… set them.

Seriously.. Set them now…

If you work in an office, retail, whatever, make sure you pick good times because YOU ARE going to do it. You are also going to do it without the alarm as it will pop into your head naturally and you’ll do it then too.

The alarm is just to really, really, really, make sure you do.

So, 4 times.. Set it.

Now, when these alarms go off, here is what you are going to do:

You are going to stop. Literally stop.
If you are comfortable where you are, people around or not, get comfortable.
Excuse yourself, go to the restroom, sit at your desk, whatever.. Just stop.

You are going to close your eyes, and you are going to comfortably breathe in and out.
If you can, breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth.

Breathe in deep but calm, long and comfortable…

Draw positive energy in from all around you as it is being sent to you always.
Relax and hold it for a comfortable moment before exhaling.

When you do exhale, let the exhale come out in the form of a natural relaxation.
Relax out and into the breath, let it fall away naturally, and again, hold that spot for a moment.
Pause at the place between the breaths, and repeat.

Keep doing this, for a minute, yes a minute.

This is called micro meditation.

Of course you are welcome to do it longer, but literally a minute will be good for now.

While you are doing these breathing techniques with your eyes closed you must repeat a
prayer, mantra, or a repetitive thought.

You can make up your own, or something simple like this;
“I am obtaining true insight and wisdom, guided only by Light and Love and I am at peace, and I am grateful”

Repeat this or your words over as your eyes are closed, don’t squint, don’t force your eyeballs up in your head, just relax, close your eyes, breathe in and out and repeat your phrase.

EVERY TIME the alarm goes off… AND every time it just “pops” into your head.

Here's what's happening.

The breathing:
You are bringing in oxygen, you are supplying your body with large amounts of air, and
this is literally supplying you with life force, it is helping every organ in your body, and it is helping
every cell of your body. It is also allowing to to accept and bring in all of the beautiful positive
energy that Creation is sending you.

You are creating a cycle, a circle with your breath and you are now generating a new field of energy within and around.

The breathing is also a focus point, a way to not let your thoughts become distracted, although your intention will help with that as well as call forth your true Being.

The Intention:
The repetitive statement you are making to the Universe, The Higher Self, and into
the Collective Consciousness, your mantra or prayer, the statement is what is “shifting” your thoughts
from wandering. No need to stress if you lose focus, if you do, then you just became aware of it and now you simply can adjust it, don’t create a new emotional output from the realization itself.

Breathe in an out, mind the pause, repeat your statement.

Within the visual darkness of your eyes being closed, remember you can still see.
You are just not seeing the illuminated world, but you are now seeing your true inner world.

Relax your closed eyes and just see who and what appear, breathe and repeat your statement.

30 seconds, 60, 120…

Do it until you are done doing it.

When you snap out of it, or when you are just done, go back to your normal routine or
whatever it was you were previously doing.

When the alarm goes off again do the exact same thing.
Do it when it pops into your mind.
Before you get out of the car, before you start it.
In the bathroom, standing in your kitchen or sitting at your desk.

Do it on the bus ride, or at the lunch table where you eat. Just do it.

This entire process aside from the obvious benefits described above is reconditioning your mind
and body, and it is reconditioning it to accept the connection to the higher self.

It is bringing more Spiritual awareness on a more consistent basis into your very day life.

It is helping to form a routine, a discipline and Path.

It is the way, and it IS THE WAY to Shift, and break free from the world we have been forced to

It is a way to exist as your true self in this world until that self is the only One navigating and manifesting in this reality.

I hope.., no,

I know these words will find you well and bring you comfort and guidance, and I know
that there is a Shift waiting within.