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Mindfulness and the Fluctuations of Frequencies

Before we get into it, lets take a look at the dictionary definition of Mindfulness:

Mindfulness : Noun

1- the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.
2- a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly
acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations used as a
therapeutic technique.

So basically, remain calm, don’t lose it, and be aware of whats going on around you without
letting that interfere with your calm, cool state of mind… ALWAYS.

Let me tell you something, this is not easy.

In fact, it is probably one of the hardest things to obtain on a constant basis.

Of course we can all obtain temporary sessions of peaceful mindfulness, but to be in a state of
constant mindful awareness is tough, I’m not going to lie.

For me, it used to be a simple facebook post, instagram post, a sentence, a picture,
anything could have launch me into chaos.

Literally I used to become sad, angry, happy, inspired and motivated by social media posts,
and guess what?

That means I'm not being mindful of my emotional output, and I am not being aware of what I am letting penetrate my Being.

For example:

I am vibrating with love, I’m feeling great, I’m aware of my surroundings,
I’m sensing life and all it has to offer, I am at peace and just loving it.
Then something happens, a post, that phone call, anything, it can literally be anything that
will alter my current wavelength.

An outside action that has altered my emotional state of existence.

An action that is “currently” or “presently” altering my life.

This is not good.

Our emotional state of awareness can so easily be affected that there has to be a reason to it.

Like movies, you sit down to watch a movie a film and within minutes you are engulfed
with a new set of emotions and feelings.
What you are seeing/receiving is manipulating and altering your emotions.

So technically, if you break out in laughter or breakdown into tears,
you’ve let that projection alter you. It has altered your state of Mindful Awareness.

So I ask, is being in a constant state of Mindful Awareness necessarily a good thing?

I believe it is, and isn’t,

I don’t believe we should be so quick to not let certain actions at least influence our emotional

With that being said, I think obtaining the ability to not let things negatively
affect you is what is more important, and that should be what we are striving for.

So what I would like to do is kind of alter the meaning and understanding of Mindful

I mentioned movies, but really anything, music, movies, life, a book.
Even a bird flying by can alter your vibrational existence.

You are literally vibrating at a wavelength, and what we let happen is this:

Something that makes us happy, something that just vibrates pure truth with you will be
what is resonating on your natural level. This is why it “jives with your vibe” Get it?

But, something that creates a new sensation of awareness, something that enlightens your Being
to a new truth, that will raise you to that new vibrational level, now you have ascended a little.

And lastly, something that hurts you, upsets, and saddens you is now lowering your vibrational existence in a way that is descending BELOW your normal vibrational state.

You have now lowered yourself to this outside influences vibrational output. Okay?

So, what is it we are really after?
What is it we really want?

We want to be happy….
We want to be confident…
We want to be enlightened..

We want to continuously elevate our vibrational output and existence, or we want to
at least maintain a positive State of Awareness to exist in without it being altered to a lower vibrational frequency.

So how? How can we obtain this?

There is no one way to achieve this ability, not at all.

It is something that takes constant self reminding as that is truly what Mindfulness is.

It is the constant state of awareness, and that is
an awareness that only projects light, love, kindness and compassion, but not only one that
projects it, but one that only perceives it as well, and the only way to perceive something is to
be around what projects it or to avoid what diminishes it.

If you are trying to maintain a state of awareness that is one of peace and clarity, then being in a
situation that is of chaos will not enable or allow you to achieve this state unless you can
completely disconnect from it or shut it out, and that takes years of mastering through

So what you are allowing yourself to experience, be around and literally absorb will
be what tries to alter your current state of awareness.

Understand what you are aware of will becomes what you feel and project.
Its that simple.

Eliminating what causes you to vibrate at a lower state would be the best way to go about this,
but that’s something that is not always possible to do.

I want peace and quiet, but my kids want to scream and yell.
Well I cannot eliminate them from my existence and I cannot “shut them down”

Sure, I can try to bring peace, I can try to guide them into a calmer action, and this is what we
should do. This is trying to bring them to our vibrational output, rather then letting ourselves
be lowered and become frustrated or angry.

But really the entire point of Mindful Awareness, is to let your conscious mind and physical
experiences be guided by your true Being.

One more time…

The entire point of Mindful Awareness is to let your True Being, or your Higher Self,
guide the conscious mind in this reality.

So really what we are trying to do is not let the created mind influence our true mind.
We are trying to maintain the awareness of truth that we exist in a created reality, and we influence our
reality, not the other way around as that is the problem.

Letting the world, its inhabitants and their actions disconnect you from the Higher Self.

So to become more aware of this, to be more mindful of who and what you want to be, means
you need to create constant reminders to constantly remind you of who and what you want to

The string on the finger, the note on the mirror, the every 15 minute alarm on your phone.

Whatever will work for you that will TURN your attention, your focus back to your Conscious
thoughts and how you are then reacting with and to them.

This is Mindfulness and this is how to easily develop a constant state of Mindful Awareness.

Understand, it is a roller coaster ride and it can be one that feels very lonely.

Each day you will see and feel more of the falsely created world.
Each day you will let more of that world fall away.
Each day you will become more of the true Being you are.
Each day you will become more aware of your actions, and
Each day you will become more Mindful of your mindfulness.

Constant reminding to constantly remind yourself.

It will take meditation and manifestation, it takes strength and will, prayer and determination,
and it takes someone to be there for you when you are ready, and when you're ready,

I'll be there.