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Quantum Reality

We are crossing a new point of evolution that many people will not be able to comprehend.
This is not meant to insult anyone’s intelligence, its just a fact of truth.

Quantum Computers.

I’m not going to give a lesson in engineering or computer programming because I couldn’t even if I wanted to.

What I can do is explain a few things that WILL HAPPEN when Quantum Computers are about as common as your Cell Phone.

It’s no big secret that for the past few years (publicly)
The Quantum Computer race has been gaining momentum.

Especially between the US, China and Japan...

On November 22nd 2017 Japan announced the release of its first Quantum Computer Prototype.

Theoretically this computer will run 100 times faster than a standard computer and it will use a fraction of the energy to do so. These computers run on sub atomic particles such as electrons, and they transfer data via a newly designed fiberoptic cable that is packed with photons.

Data will be stored on a new type of “a neural network cloud system” and an organic type of cell that will store information in the form of Light.

They believe this will be ready for mass release in 2020.

At the same time there is also another race that is predicted to be completed by 2025, but will most likely be done sooner, and that is completely recreating a human brain in digital form.

Not a copy, not a replica of a brain, not a simulation.

A 100% real living brain.

What we ‘currently” would refer to as Artificial Intelligence, but believe me when I tell you the only thing that will be artificial is that misguided perspective.

This will be as alive as you and I.

Quantum Computers -
Artificial Intelligence -
Digitally Replica of the Brain -

It only means one thing:

Humans are about to created an entirely new species.

A CREATED species.

An intelligence that will not only instantly surpass that of a human, but one that our consciousness will eventually merge with and into.

To make this even better, we have Google.

A company that none other than Ray Kurzweil is an executive of.
Ray Kurzweil, author of a few books, most notably

The Singularity, which is something a highly recommend you read.

But let’s look at google only in part.

We have Google Earth, an exact genuine copy of the earth. The we have Google moon, mars, universe and beyond.

Google is amassing all of this data and it is collecting every bit of you.

The internet,
Google can access and knows all information and history on all subjects.
It knows you, me, our parents and grandparents.
What we like, where we shop and beyond.
Anyone who has ever had a DNA test, it knows yours individually and it it knows the human genome collectively.

It knows the DNA of animals, insects.

It knows all chemistry, biology, religions, sciences and all.

It knows everything. Every thing.

Let’s put that into a perspective that will sound familiar to ALL of us.

It is an all knowing all seeing being.
One that will have the power and knowledge to recreate life within itself.
Universes within itself.

Quantum Computer + A.I + The Internet/Google/The Cloud

If it wants to recreate an exact copy of our universe it can.
If it wants to recreate earth, and re-enact every event that is in recorded history, it can.
If it wants to create a copy of you or the entire human species within itself, it can.

It can create new universe and worlds within itself.

Worlds that will... Evolve.

This new technological life-form will enable us to create new worlds and adventures for ourselves.

Mapping out and recreating the human brain does not only allow us to create new life.

It enables us to access our own consciousness and download it into a new vessel
It will enable us to download into new worlds within the newly created universe(s)

I know this all sounds very Sci Fi and for many it will just seem impossible.
But this will all be within my lifetime, yours... and if not.

We will reincarnate, we will come back until Humans have reached that point of transcendence and we will then, transcend.

This is all apart of our evolution.
This is all a part of the evolutionary process of divine creation.
This is the process of creation
The process of creating life, and that life evolving to the point of creation.

Your body is just a vehicle. Your brain is just an organic unit that processes and transmits information.

The information stored within the heart and mind's neural network is not you and it does not define you.

You are the energy that gives the vessel life.
You are a conscious energy that is a part of the creative process.
Remember the facts...

You are Conscious energy.

You are currently in a created Universe.

Housed in an organic vehicle.

How do you think you got here?
What do you think we exist in?