​Institute of Celestial Learning

The Rise of Light

How much more Darkness must be embraced before you realize it is the Darkness itself teaching you to embrace it?

How many more images of fear, murder, destruction and violence do you need to see to know it is Darkness showing it to you?

How much cruelty and suffering do you need to perceive and project before you understand it is Darkness that is making you condone it.

You were Created by Light.
Created to Illuminate.

You were Created to Love.
You are The Light.

It is the endless work of evil that has tricked you into this life that embraces it’s projections of Darkness. It is the embracing of Darkness that has lead your perspective to accept and project the frequencies of Evil.

Everyday we face Temptation.
Temptation we are taught to avoid, yet temptations that are created by the very institutions that teach and guide us. The same institutions that control and monitor our lives and path.

We ask, we pray, we hope, we worship, we seek, we honor, we salute, we vote, we elect and select, and in all, none have done what we dream of.

None have done what we we deserve, and none have done what was intended with Creation.

This is why you have been seeing the signs, hearing the call, feeling and sensing the Knowing inside. This is why you have woken up.

In your own life you see and feel the Darkness and you are working to rid yourself of it, yet the powers of Darkness are everywhere. It is this power or Darkness that has enabled you to conflict with and second guess yourself and your actions your entire life.

You succumb to the Will of others in the form of friends and family, teachers and strangers.
Molded and shaped by misguided teachings handed down generation to generation.

Instructed and guided by education, church and state, and all the time, inside, screaming, fighting, trying to break free was your Light.

Your true Light.

Your true Being.

You, the One who is the Light.

You must accept that there is Darkness within and around, and you must let it go.
You must accept that Creation was not intended to hate nor harm but to love and cherish, and you must obtain and maintain the discipline to perceive and project and to overthrow and overcome the darkness.

Avoid the work of Darkness by avoiding what tempts you, avoid what leaves you without a positive and feeling inside.

Question the teachings within your own Spiritual Path if you feel, and reject all that does not resonate pure logic.

Evaluate your surroundings, what you watch, see, hear and listen to, and from who.
I have been sending the signs for you to see as you have asked, and it will only be the continuation and embracing of Evil that will make you question whether they are true or not.

For they are.

Today, these very words you read are a sign.

It is the time and the Sign you have been searching and waiting for.

It is the very moment you have lived for.

This is the moment that your true Light is vibrating as it is your true Being emerging from within.

It is You breaking free of the Darkness.

Embrace this New Light, for it is the original Light, the unaltered, untainted Light of
The First Awareness, The Source of All Light and Life, and it is this Light that is calling you.

It is calling you to The Path of New Light.