The Rise of the Feminine Power

Originally written November 23rd 2017 / 3:39am

Here in the United States, November of 2016, we watched Hillary Clinton lose the Presidential election to Donald Trump which does seem incredibly contrary to the title of this chapter,
but I’ll explain soon enough.

Some say this rise in power or the momentum it has been gaining is due to that Presidential outcome.

I've actually read and heard that it is “women fighting back” since Hillary lost.

Sadly, I cannot tell you how far from accurate this is.
Sure there are some pissed off women (and guys) out there about the results of the election,
but my writings, and my channeled sessions do not come in the form of political endorsements,
nor do they come to support any Government or individual gender.

As we have watched this rise in power we have also begun to bare witness to the fall of the dominant masculine power.

You’ve been hearing or reading about it.

The deceit and sick hearted ways of Politicians and Hollywood elites coming to surface.

Well why do you think this rise and fall is happening?

Some, as I mentioned believe it is the response to the political state of the US.
However, the rise in power is Global, so in my opinion, that diminishes that justification.
Others say it is because our “Solar System” is passing through a section of the universe
that is causing changes to the frequencies and vibrational fields that the Earth travels through,
and again I can assure you this is not the case as no one is sailing alongside our solar system taking readings of the masculine and feminine frequencies and vibrations that traverse throughout our universe. Absolutely not.

So what is it then?

First we have to understand:
Feminine and Masculine do NOT mean man and woman.

We have to throw that way of thinking in the garbage and I truly mean that.

Masculine is an energy of strength and protection, and the Feminine is an energy of love and compassion and we ALL have both within us.

It is only the false veil of society that has separated these two powers.

The Evil that has deceived our existence is what has divided and separated our original state of Consciousness and the same goes for truth and logic or science and religion, and brain and heart.

Truths divided and hidden to fool and blind the masses.

Man is both Feminine and Masculine as Woman is both Masculine and Feminine.

The gender of our organic vehicle has nothing to do with this deception as society is at fault for the way men and women are perceived.

Once again our misguided perspective projecting out into existence.

Due to this created imbalance, we of course associate the feminine energy with woman, and the masculine with men.

I can personally tell you growing up in Queens, New York Men were supposed to be tough and strong, not take any BS.

We own the land, make the rules, and this is how we use our Masculine power.

Of course it was the complete opposite for woman:

“you’re a woman, be polite and pretty, soft and kind because you are feminine”

Associating each with labels is fine, but believing those isolated qualities are how it is to be,
within each, well that is complete bullshit.

You recently read the chapter titled What is God.

Within those writings, I mention that the original consciousness was one energy, but with a more Feminine state for lack of a better description,

but it was one that evolved and grew seeking connection and love.

An energy trying to find a way to end the loneliness in the vastness of the Void.

Like a Cell it had to literally give or sacrifice a portion of itself in order to begin the process of Creation.

Celestial Reproduction

What we refer to as ‘The Big Bang” was the literal birth of this universe.

The energy used to create this living universe was from one conscious energy,
but that division now created the two individual conscious energies.

Two that were to exist AS ONE in peace and harmony, Light and Love.

The division gave birth to a new individual energy and it too evolved.

It is what became the Darkness and the division is what we know as Good and Evil.

This masculine energy grew within the created Universe and beyond ultimately ending the balance of Creation

What was intended for comfort and companionship in order to create,
was now used to dominate and control.

“This power is easily embraced by man as his vessel has more physical strength than that of woman”

As far as modern day society is concerned, it has always been “a mans world”

I don’t say this to be insensitive, I think it sucks and let me personally add to it.

It is man that has ruined this world.

Our world was created for an organic vessel to naturally form and evolve here.

One that would then house our Celestial energies,

Conscious Awareness streaming into an exploratory vehicle.

A world that is filled with natural splendor and beauty, a world that is diverse in biology.

One that can sustain life for billions of years for free.

Every resource, every molecule of water, every grain of sand, every bit of Earth is yours.

A planet that for our formless energy created in search or love and unity.

A world created so we can embrace these organic vehicles and we can then witness and experience the amazement of Creation.

This is the quality of the feminine.

It is the masculine energy, the evil that destroys our home.
It is the corrupted masculine energy that has dominated this universe and all life within it.

But the Masculine energy has forgotten something…

Our Celestial Mother, is the one who created the masculine.

“How long did you think I would let this all go on for?

“All civilizations before yours have fallen due to the greed and ego of man and this one can too.
It is only because your biology and technology have come to the point of creative force that I release more of my intent into your universe”

“All of you, both Man and Woman who embrace the Feminine intent can feel my call.”

“We create with the intent of Love, and the Masculine energy that is the darkness of your world,
will create to dominate, control, kill and destroy.”

“I had not wanted to interfere so all experiences were pure and natural, but I cannot let this continue.”

“It is I, The Source of All, The Celestial Creator of light and life who sends more of my energy into your Universe. It is I who is shifting and returning the Darkness back to Light.”

“You feel my call within the frequencies and vibrations of your universe.”
“You feel your Consciousness shifting back to my original intent.”
“You, my children, my Light are beginning to believe and emerge as the Beings you were truly meant to be.”

“You are overcoming the masculine energy and letting the love and beauty, the care and compassion of the feminine energy emerge and rise from within.”.

“Together we will turn the darkness back to the light.”

“Together we will unite as One with Light and Love….”

Personally as a guy I have to agree.
Men really have just gone and screwed this planet up.
I’m not saying there aren’t good guys and bad woman out there, of course there are.
But when we look at the rules and laws of society,
when we look at society as a whole,
we can see it is nothing but a system based on greed and control.

There is no love in society,
when cities are built they are not built with the intent of good or love.
They’re built with the intent of control and greed.

Everything we do as a civilization is corrupt and criminal on a universal scale.

From wars to a dying planet, from starving children to paying to live on our planet.
This was ALL done by man.

That misguided Masculine power that embraced there qualities of strength and protection and used it for evil. There are woman in that mix of evil too and the same goes for the feminine energy that is now emerging as an unstoppable force of power on our planet. There are plenty of men, guys like myself who embrace the feminine within.

This does not make us weak, it begins to make One balanced as it brings ones consciousness back to the state of original intent.

“Witness and experience the created realities with Light and Love and a guided Heart of Kindness and Compassion.”

The Rise of the Feminine we are witnessing is the Original Consciousness reclaiming the intent of Creation.

It is the first awareness, our Source sharing Light for all those looking to overcome the evil within and without.

It is for all of those looking to return the masculine and feminine back to one of peace and harmony, one of Light and Love.

It is for all of those looking to unite as One.

“Open your Heart and Mind, and let your Celestial Energy guide you to the frequencies and vibrations being sent for you to receive, close your eyes, feel them now as they now resonate within.”


​Institute of Celestial Learning