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A Rock in the River

A few nights ago I was lying down in bed thinking about every day life.

I saw myself standing in a river…

I was facing towards the oncoming water,

then in the next vision I was facing the water traveling away from me.

It only took me a minute to realize what I was seeing, and I was seeing a

visual metaphor for our lives.

Like a rock in the river, many of us face life in one direction.

We stand waiting, wanting, and expecting something to come.

We lookout for the next big thing to enter our life to either entertain us, or

elevate us in some way. And then there are those of us live in the past, we

only see and focus on what is behind us. we hold today in yesterday’s

memory never letting ourselves move forward, or even see in front of us.

Either way, these are both dangerous and destructive ways to live.

Waiting and expecting, watching and wanting for life to come to us causes

anxiety, stress, fear and panic, it deeply roots our unhappiness and this

creates such an uneasy feeling within that it will interfere with our exterior

world just as standing and living in the past causes depression, loneliness

and sadness. A total feeling of hopelessness as you have no ability or will to

look towards the future.

The entire aspect of expectations is completely dangerous. To stand and wait

for life to create your imaginary event, or to project our expectations into the

life of another is beyond selfish and egotistical as we should expect nothing

from no one and we should only expect ourselves to experience life with an

open mind and heart.

When we stand facing life in one direction, whether it be the future or the

past, we are not living. All of these uneasy isolated emotions will in fact

affect those around us as we are projecting an energy we obviously are not

aware of. If we were, we would not be waiting for life to come or go in one

direction. We would not be seeing the world through a funneled vision.

As I mentioned the emotions created by this type of outlook only cause the

demise of your health and true celestial connection, and I’m sure this

outcome is a desired one for those who want to keep us as sleeping cattle.

But for me, no, not on my watch… not on my path, and not in my time.

I can see that we cannot be “a”rock in the river.

We can’t stand waiting, and we can’t stand watching…

If we do, then we are missing.

Missing out on all of the amazing moments that are happening now…

And I mean now. As I write this in my little cottage, I look up… It’s 8:37

am… The Sun if coming over and through the tree line. The birds are

beautifully chirping and singing, the sunlight is glistening across the

crisp snow on my property, and behind me my Iphone plays Monochord


The birds, the snow, the sun, then music.., the Now.

I am here in the present moment and I am happy, I am free, and truly at



Is it because I am not being a rock in the river?

Well, the real answer comes as a surprise…

I am experiencing life in this moment because I AM being THE rock in the river.

You see, the rock does not sit and watch the water coming towards it.

It does not sit and watch the water that has gone past.

It is in it, and all passes around it.

The rock experiences all of the current, it feels all of the life and it sees all of

the water at once.., front, back, and side to side.

The rock is present and it knows that it does not have to do anything but be.

It does not have to move forward, it does not have to move backwards….

It just needs to alter its perspective on the water around it.

We just need to alter our perspective of the world around us.

We did not come here to wait for this and that, we did not come here to

watch the world go by.

We came here to experiences all by being a part of it all.

We came here to see, hear, feel, smell and taste all that our created world has

to offer.

I promise you, if you let go of these notions, if you can begin to lose these

expectations, and most of these wants and desire..,

then you will start to see…

You will start to see that you are not just a rock in the river…

You are, The Rock in the River.

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