​Institute of Celestial Learning

The Key

What is it we are trying to do?

Who are we trying to be?

What are we thinking about?

What the hell are we doing?

These questions have been on my mind a lot lately, and for some reason this past Monday I woke up feeling very distant from everyone, I felt like my mission was pointless, and I felt like no one really gives a shit. Truly I began to let those old feelings creep in.

The overwhelming ability to second guess myself, to let anger or frustration surface, to let depression begin to consume me...

But why? Why was this happening?

I mean, yes, I can see politically that our entire planet is a joke. We still believe in Government and we still put our trust and faith in politicians like one is someday going to unite the world, and that to me is just one of the biggest jokes we fool ourselves into believing.

And Yes, I can sit here and see, know and feel the flaws and faults within Religion, I can see where man altered the true messages, and I can see where manipulation and deceit were put in place of truth, and again, many defend their religion and it's version of God to a point of cruelty and insanity.

Racially, we are still divided and each movement of late only seems to bring more distance between us.

So my old saying of “We are more divided today then any other time in history” is kind of an understatement.
Sure, racially, politically, socially, religiously, we are all divided, but we are not dumb...

So why the hell are we being so stupid?

I don't mean this to sound harsh, but hey... sometimes it takes the metaphorical baseball bat across the head to wake up...

You are not a slave, you are not a student, you are not an employee...
You are life.
You are energy'
You are a part of, a literal portion of the creative force we call God.

You are truly a part of everything because you are everything.

The world we accept and play around in, is a world we created a long time ago...

We are the ancient creators of existence, and it is us that keeps recreating so we can keep experiencing.

So why, why do we keep on being sucked into this same trap.
A trap that inhibits the growth of you Celestial Awareness...
a trap that keeps us coming back (Reincarnation) so we cannot advance and move on.

We create each world so we can master it, and we master it so we can move on and ascend to the next. 

But we cannot successfully move on until we accept this world and live it in our truth.

So how do we do that?

How do we live in our truth? how do we find, hear, see or even know our true being if we have been so sucked up in the vacuum of society?

How do we break free?

How do we break free?

In over 20 episodes of The Global Shift on YouTube, in over 2000 posts on Instagram @The_One_Called_jai and thousands on Facebook between my personal page and my Unity of One page, and in over 20 weekly writings on the site, 2, books, and now months into the weekly group...

I ask you... do you know how to break free?

We have been spending a great deal of time on our awareness and our mindfulness, that we actually missed a key element.
I, actually missed receiving and giving the key element, but I now get to deliver it to you.

We don't have to run away, we don't have to leave the city if we don't want, and we don't need new friends if we like the ones we have... and we can learn to see past, not only tolerate, but truly see past what would normally bother or alter our mood or behavior.

Regardless of what is going on around us, good and bad.. none of that matters.

My joy, my depression, my anger, my happiness... these are all acceptable feelings and emotions under the right circumstances, right?

I mean, they are our senses alerting us, they are the reactions from our sensors and senses receiving, interpreting and reacting. 

So they are valuable tools and assets that we have, and are supposed to use.

Just like mindfulness and awareness... but... but!!!
What is it we are trying to be mindful and aware of?
Our words? Our action and reactions?


The Shift...

The trigger, the switch, the key.

The moment in between the emotions, the moment in between the action and reaction.
Sounds kind of dumb right?
I admit it does... it sounds too simple, to trivial... but who ever said existence was supposed to be hard.

I told you, we are not stupid. Look around you, look at what we created.

We have only been tricked into stupidity, we have only been lead astray from our true guidance.

Awareness... Simple, true awareness.
The think before you speak or act out.

For example...
I hate mouth noises.. Sounds of chewing and chomping, slurping, and slushing. Even typing it,
it begins to infuriate me... read what I wrote... Infuriate me.

Now of course I understand this is another issue altogether, the mouth noises, but lets focus on what happens next.

Do I act out and snap out at the person who is making the noises?
Is it their fault that I have this issue, phobia or flaw?
No... it is not. But is is my fault for acting out without thought.. without awareness.

For me, many times events like this can cause such an instantaneous change that I go from one extreme to the other. Happy to Rage...

So what do I do?

Well, it wont be fixed in a day, and it wont be easy.
At this point we are so drowned in the ways of manipulation, that so many of us struggle to even know there is another version of Self awaiting to be free...

So as I said... we made, created, existence to be easy and free, but we have gone too far to easily turn around.

So your mindful awareness has to become your main focus of thought.

You have to keep being aware of how you are feeling and thinking, because you need to be able to see, feel, hear, and understand that “split second” change... 

that switch that takes you from cold to hot...
it is that little moment, that little space in time we need to get a hold of.

When I dwell on the thoughts of yesterday or the past today, I am not living in the present moment..

I am not enjoying my current existence, and the same goes for those who keep thinking of tomorrow, those who keep hoping and looking, they too are missing out on the Now... but that 'Now” we keep hearing about is more than what is just going on around us, the NOW is how we are currently processing and acting, and reacting to the events around us.

Mindfulness, and Awareness, living in the Now... is knowing, seeing, and understanding those triggers before they switch us into a new vibrational field.

So now, when I am in a situation that is about to make me angry, I don't run from it, because I am only taking that anger or displaced emotion with me, and I don't dig right into it.

I don't instantly react because that too is giving in. I now pay attention to the rise of that emotion,
I pay attention the the Shift in my body, my breath, my temperature... my thoughts.
I feel, literally feel the oncoming emotion and I adjust my perspective instantly, then I react, or respond if even needed.

I know this sounds all too simple to be real, but I promise you, it is not the emotions you express that are the issue, its the in-between moment that is the issue, and this is not going to be easy to fix.

But if f we can ALL grab ahold of that moment, see it, analyze it, and remedy it, then guess what...

We are making changes, changes that will blow this world away.

We would then literally and truly become a part of the Shift of the New Light.

With Light and Love,