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​​The Are Among Us.

I've really been looking forward to sharing these experiences and stories with you but before I dig into them, I'd like to express why I don't usually talk or write about these events very often.

Its due to the inability to perceive another's truth, the projection of doubt and disbelief we often cast into the one telling their truth.

When I have revealed these in the past I have had to endure comments like
"How do you know it wasn't a plane or helicopter?"
"maybe you just imagined it"
"I don't believe that is true"
"It's just not possible"

Comments like this are so incredibly insulting and equally hurtful.

1 - I exhaust every possible outlet before I draw my own conclusion.
2 - I'm not insane, I know what I experience and see as opposed to what I imagine or dream.
3 - I'm not here to impress anyone nor am I trying to convince you of anything. I'm simply sharing experiences that I have witnessed.

With all that being said, I would like to share some personal stories and experiences I have had relating to UFO's and Extraterrestrials.

Since early childhood I have been fascinated with this entire concept.
It is probably the one single subject I have dedicated the most thought to.
As far as Government involvement, conspiracies and the experiences of others I'll leave those out of this conversation for now.

I'm sure a great many of these stories are true but I can only express what I personally know,
and I can tell you for a fact that we absolutely 100% are not alone, and...

They are among us.

The following experiences happened to me in two ways, the first being fully awake outside and totally coherent, the second was in my sleep.

When I was about seven years old my mother, sister and I were driving home from my Aunts house.
I was laying in the hatchback section of my mother's Datsun B210.
As I was gazing up and out the hatchback window looking at the night sky while cruising West on the Long Island Expressway, I noticed something way up in the sky,

Way up in the sky I saw a flame.
It looked exactly like what you would expect to see bursting out of the back of a rocket flying off into space. To this day I have no idea what it was.

It most certainly could have been something launched from Florida and I just so happen to catch it going over New York, but to this day I have never witnessed anything like that again.

At that time as a child I was awe struck. I was totally convinced I saw a rocket.
When we got home I called my father at work and told him what I saw.
He said he wasn't aware of any launches going on, and am I sure I'm not making this up?


I was very upset.

Once again my family just stifling what I see, ask and experience.
Making me second guess my own sanity and reality.

Why do parents do this to children when they are so open and receptive to the natural world around them.

I quickly learned at a very young age to just shut up.

Right or wrong, I knew I was not in a family that would understand or support these types of experiences.

As it turned out my father, did urn out to be very open to these experiences and he personally has expressed many theories that not only seemed viable at the time, they have actually turned out to be true.

Even my mother now in her senior years, is more open to my experiences, and it seems as though she may actually be the one in my family who has an untapped ability along the lines of Clairvoyance.

Too bad I didn't have their support or interest when I needed it most.

So as I child I realized I could not openly express what I thought, felt or experienced.
This was really soul crushing, so much that it began to lead me deep into a life of self doubt.

I totally abandoned my inner existence and gave into the created society.

As years went by I still often looked up, still researched and read, still watched whatever documentary was on even though they all just repeated the same info and images over and over again.

I still inside asked "are we alone?"
I still asked inside for a “sign that we have a real existence after here.”
I asked inside to "please know the truth so I can communicate it to others".... and nothing... nothing, nothing, nothing.

A life of ups, downs and all arounds.
This way, that way and every way.

Then one day.....

It happened.

Physical experience #1

It was 1997, I was living in Portland Connecticut with my girlfriend Lisa and our son Kyle.

It was a beautiful fall morning and I had my camera with me so I can snap off the last few images and drop it for developing.

I took some pictures of Kyle, finished the roll, then put the camera on top of the car and started to put Kyle into the car seat. We were heading out to drop me off at work because we only had one car.

I was standing on the passenger side of the car.

After I strapped Kyle in and started to stand up, I noticed off in the distance,
(what would be over the Connecticut river from my viewpoint) a silver sphere materialize in the air, then another and another, they were quickly descending in an "S" pattern one following right after the other.

I yelled out to Lisa LOOK! and as she was turning a pinkish, blue type of cloud appeared and each one, disappeared into it.

The entire event lasted about 2 seconds.

She only caught the very end of the cloud and last sphere going in, but it was so fast and she saw so little that she really has no opinion of it to this day.

I was rocked and shocked! I seen! I saw! I witnessed! I experienced! I knew!!!

We are not alone.

I was so excited, so excited to share this that when I got to work I immediately told anyone I saw.

One after another.

"Get the fuck out of here"
"Your full of shit"
"How do you know it wasn't a plane"

Just crushed and devastated at that response.

To project doubt on another, especially after an experience like that is truly heartbreaking.

With the exception of a few close friends and some family I never shared that story again.

They weren't discs, they were spheres.
Large silver spheres flying through the air. Materializing and disappearing exactly how I described.

I tried to research this the best I can but in 1997 the internet was not what it is today, and I had never heard anyone describe what I had witnessed.

Fast forward 10 years later still living Connecticut.

I had no other experiences within that time that I can remember but the following experience happened in what I will call a dream.

Whether it was am Astral Travel of some sort or an Alien abduction I don't know and I make no claim to know, but I can tell you if this was a dream than it was beyond anything I could ever imagine.

To this day I have never had a dream where I can recall every single aspect and color.

Every sound and smell of the dream, all of it.

If in fact it was a dream at all.

It was dark out and I was walking on a sidewalk that travels along side the service road next to the Grand Central Parkway in Queens NY.

No idea why I was there.

As I was walking I came up to a phone booth and I called my girlfriend Elizabeth.
I spoke with her for a few minutes and overhead I saw 3 flying saucers go by.

The typical looking silver disc type flying saucer.

I hung up the phone and watched them all land behind a fence alongside of a building that would be located in Forest Hills Queens.

I walked over and peeked through the fence.

Looking down a steep sloped driveway, I saw three flying saucers parked there.

Freaking out with excitement I decided to go to the front of the building and walk in.

I walked up a flight of cement stairs, opened a glass door that led to a lobby.

It was a light colored marble lobby with a long staircase in the middle going up.
To the left was an alcove and a doorway

(To the left is also the same direction that craft would be parked outside, please keep that in mind.)

At this time I decided to go forward and up the stairs.
Just as I made it about half way up I heard someone say "hey, you're not supposed to be here"
I quickly turned around and started to head down the stairs, when someone else intervened and said

"No, he's okay, come this way."

As I walked down the stairs someone pointed me towards the alcove and said
"go that way through those doors."

When I walked into the alcove I noticed on my left was a counter about waste high with four monitors on it, and a few people standing watching something on them.
To this day wish I would have walked over and took a look to see what they were watching but I nervously walked straight over and through door.

It was just a door, solid colored, no definitive marks, just a door.

As soon as I walked through the door I knew I was in a completely different place.
Not a different room, but an entirely different building or environment.

Where I was now standing should have been outside where I saw the three Saucers parked, but I wasn't.

I was now standing in a huge enclosure.

As I looked around, the entire interior was a fade of deep to medium blue. T
he walls were high and the ceiling was curved were wall and ceiling meet.

There was a heavy trim around walls and doors, that was a deep red color.

The floors were black but very shiny and reflective and this place was just massive.

With the door behind me, and a wall now on my left, I turned to the right.

The entire enclosure appeared to be rectangular in shape.

I turned to my right and started walking, when I came to a long wide corridor on my left.
It look like an airport terminal, a long wide hallway with alcoves all along it.

In the opposite direction, (To my immediate right) was a step down seating area next to an extremely tall, large window. Looking out I should have seen the entrance of building I just came of but there was nothing. It was completely black.

The next thing, one of the strangest things ever.

A man, a faceless man wearing a fedora and tan overcoat came over to me and started to push against me. The more I resisted and pushed him away, the more he persisted and pushed back.
It was so creepy and weird feeling, but finally I had a feeling to just stop and walk away so I did
and he just stopped, turned and walked away.

On my left against the right wall of the corridor I noticed a long wooden bar with two men sitting and what appeared to be eating and drinking.

Without turning down the corridor I walked to the opposite end from where I started.

Suddenly out of nowhere, two young girls, teenagers, came running over to me in a frantic state.

They were crying, and in complete panic. They had no idea were they were, or how they got there and they asked me "can you please help us get out of here."

Without hesitation I said "absolutely come with me"

We walked up a few steps and opened a door just like the one I originally come through.

The door opened to a metal balcony and we were hundreds of feet off the ground.

I was looking down at the top of an immense water tower hovering over some field.

My eyes opened wide and I too started to feel panic come over me.

I grabbed the girls by the hand and said come on.

We went back through the door, and were just about to head down the long corridor when I noticed a little alcove off to the side behind the bar area.

I quickly walked over with the girls and there was woman just standing there.

An older woman, dark hair with a slightly heavier build.
She had a very easy feeling about her, comforting.

She was standing directly between two arched doorways, no doors, just darkness on the other end.

She looked at me and smiled and I quickly said...

"Please, how do we get out of here? We just want to go home"

She replied,
"Oh sweetie just walk through either one of these doors, and if you ever want to come back just say 11, 12, 20.”

I walked through the door and in an instant physically and literally, I was sitting up on my bed fully dressed in my condo.

My heart was racing, I was sweating and I could barely breathe. I felt like I just got home from a workout and I was wide awake.

I immediately phoned my girlfriend Elizabeth and told her what happened.

We still talk about this event often.

Some believe it may have been some type of test, others think it may have been some type of Conscious abductions, and then some who think it was an Alien abduction.

I again make no claim to know, I'm just sharing.

The next few experiences were not dreams.
They were and are events that happened. As far as believing them or not, that's up to you.

Late Winter/Early Spring 2014 / 6:15am

I dropped my son off at the bus stop, and started to head back home. As I was driving, I looked out the drivers side window and it happened again.

This time it was much closer, one silver sphere.

I didn't see it materialize because as I looked out and up it was already there, I was driving North, my head was turned West and in the sky this was traveling South. It was slightly ahead of me so I had time to watch it before it would be out of my field of view and I'd have to look behind me.
As I watched it whip by, I got a clear definitive look at it. It was a smooth silver sphere, I'd even say it was more like a chrome, or mirror finish, and once again pinkish blue cloud formed and it vanished into or turned transparent, or invisible, regardless, it vanished, disappeared.

It was gone.

Same as last time, the event lasted about two seconds but it was long enough to make me lose sight of where I was going because suddenly my passenger side front wheel hit the curb, thankfully I was going slow enough that it just snapped me out of my state of amazement.

This experience was much closer.

It was a featureless smooth silver sphere, a ball.
It was silver and reflective. As far as size, I'd say that it was probably about the size of a small home.
It could have been the size of an SUV or a small bus, but again its very hard to judge the size of something that's in the sky at a distance moving by at a high speed.

If it had passengers in it, I'd say no more than 3 or 4 but due to its shape 3 for some reason feels right.

I told Elizabeth, I told my son Kyle later when he got home and I've shared the story here and there.
As it turns out the sightings of the Silver Spheres have been going on for decades and they seem to be in a variety of sizes. It is only of late that I have started to think they may not be craft at all, but possible some type of Beings, or it can even be our own advanced aircraft the public has yet to be told about. Honestly I have no idea what they were. I saw them and that is all I can really say for sure.

After that event I began to start to believe in myself.
I now knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was experiencing things that were real and I would no longer accept anyone else's doubt ever again.

Between 2014 and 2016 I made many personal transitions both physically and spiritually.
One night a few years ago I was laying on the couch. I wasn't asleep, but I wasn't awake, I was totally in that lucid state but with more awareness of my surroundings.

As I lay there to my right side right and at my ear, I heard a series of beeps. Multiple toned beeps that lasted a few pulses, I quickly opened my eyes and turned and there was nothing there...
Okay, I'm dreaming I thought.

The next night I'm laying on the couch again, I start to fall into the same type of consciousness, and this time in my left ear, I hear a voice, not english, not any language I've ever heard, but a series of clicks and gurgles that were definitely words or communication of some sort.

It felt as if it was said passing my ear rather than bent over me. It was like a very small person was moving around and said something in my left ear.

I again quickly opened my eyes and there was nothing there.

The air and energy in the room were electric.

I can feel it was alive.

The room was active.

A few days later Kyle and I were on the couch watching Family Guy and Elizabeth was in the kitchen.
I got up to go out on the deck and look at the sky.

As I slid opened the door, I looked up and out to my left.
Over the tree line that separates two properties, was am immense orange/yellow craft that was rectangle and just hovering above the tree line. I clearly was able to make out the sharp edges of its shape.
It had this beautiful swirling sunset effect passing through it, or illuminating it as the sun was starting to set.
I immediately yelled for them to come as I ran back in like a mad man to grab my phone and of course by the time I came back out on the deck... It was gone.

It was a massive rectangular shaped craft.

I'd say maybe 60 to 80 feet long, about 20 feet high and wide.

It was after this even that I started to have incredible shifts in consciousness.

I would feel massive energies in my home, literally my hair would stand up.
I would see and feel light and energy moving within the house, I would sense other beings present.
I was even warned the night before my sister jumped out of a six story window by the energy of her dead boyfriend. I was feeling and experiencing the sensations that I had given up on as a child.

Yet, I was so confused.

I had no idea what was going on and I had to understand why it was happening to me.

Then finally the month of September 2016 came along.
Most notably the week leading up to and after September 16th 2016 at 8:06pm.

In the early part of September I had noticed on two occasions a silver dot just hanging out up in the sky. One I saw from a CVS parking lot, the other I pulled over and watched it as I noticed it while I was driving. Again they seemed to be Spheres.

Either some extraterrestrial craft manned or unmanned.
Either some secret military craft that we are just completely kept in the dark about.
Some type of Being or Energy.

That's all I attributed it to because thinking about it any further was making me go nuts.

Within the next few days there were all types of events happening over my property, faces in fire rainbows, beams of light coming down off the silhouette of an angel, all types of events that I photographed too. All available on my Instagram page @The_One_Called_Jai

Shortly after those sightings on a clear sunny afternoon, I walked out into my backyard with Walter on a leash. He was a newly adopted dog and I was teaching him the layout of the yard while keeping him on the leash. I knew he was still too young, new and active to be off it, and as we were walking through the yard I looked out to the East over the tree line.

Way off in the distance, miles away I saw a long rectangular silver craft slowly moving North along the sky. This was vertical not horizontal, and it had to be huge.

In the house was my mother on a test visit, my wife Elizabeth and my infant son Sagan.

I yelled for them to come out. I actually contemplated dropping the leash and running in the house for my camera, but instead I stood and watched.

I just watched it slowly go by for about 5 minutes until I could not see it anymore

I again make no claim as to what it was or was not, but I know it was nothing we see here publicly.

At this point I was deepening my meditation sessions.

I began to focus and ask.

"Please, help me understand what is going on, is someone or something trying to communicate with me, is there more to our existence than this”

I didn't stop thinking about it.
It was mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally draining.

All of these events, the experiences, the energies, the feelings, the sounds, vibrations and frequencies, the endless stream pouring into my left ear.

Why was all of this happening? Who is it, what do they want?

Then the event on the night of September 16th happened.

After witnessing the two star burst above me I walked back into the house, right past my mother and into the bedroom. I kneeled down and put my head on Elizabeth's lap and started sobbing like a baby.
I told here what I saw, I then told my mother, and they both say it was a true divine experience.

They, me, we were not a Religious family.

I have tried to research experiences like this and the only thing I found was information on Light Beings. Whether or not that is truly what it was, I don't know.

What I do know is what I feel inside and that was that this was a true divine experience.

It was the answer,

the accumulative answer to all I have been seeking.

It was the undeniable proof for me to know that we exist after we leave here,
and that I am here to fulfill a divine purpose, and...

I know that we are not alone, for they are among us.