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What is God?

Most of us have been raised to believe we are created in God's own image.
Personally I was raised to believe God was the old bearded white man in a long flowing robe,
a man of flesh and blood just like a human. “Made in his own image”

Then of course at some point in my life I completely abandoned any and all religious quests because I could not get past the obvious lies carefully mixed in with the truth.

So much of it just seemed to resonate negatively with me, that it seemed like religion as a whole was tainted by darkness, so much in my eyes that even the word God became a Hallmark sentiment.

Even today, we have people who are so spiritual, but once you say the word God, they turn and run.
Same goes for those who only see the teachings of their religious beliefs.
They hear words like Universe and Cosmos. Light and Love and they turn to run for cover.

Each group labeling the other as asleep or insane, good and evil.

But really what is God?

At this point it's safe to say God is not a white man with a flowing robe and a beard and it’s also safe to say He is not a He either.

In our current stage of projected perspectives, we humans have become incredibly ignorant and arrogant and many of us have become corrupt.

We cast aside anyone who does not believe what we believe, we denounce any creative force, but we then embrace the created universe as all there is.

Many even denounce any individuality because they think we are all God or “The Universe”
becoming aware of itself.

Literally and physically we have a growing belief system where people believe they are all there is and there is only one us/them, and they/we, are it.

Confusing right? of course it is because it does not resonate truth.
But wait, there is more...

Then in the same breath they will also throw the famous contradictory line at you,

“Love yourself before you love others”… then shortly after it’s back to the “there is no you.”

Another contradiction created to distract and weaken you into buying the belief of someone else,
when in fact your Path and truth reside within you.

YOU are a formless conscious energy that was created by…


Now, when I use the word God I am not referring to any specific religions described deity, nor am I referring to our created reality, the universe.

Keep in mind our universe is one single created reality out of an endless creative process.

One that houses more life than the human mind can ever comprehend..., and no,We are not all of it and it is not all of you.

We are however connected to all of them and each other and we are ALL connected to the original consciousness, the first awareness… God.

Celestially, spiritually and physically we are all connected to our true Source.

In all religious teachings, and in all spiritual teachings no one ever considers or speaks of the journey that our creator had to take.

We say God is, was, and always has been,
a force that is everywhere, sees all and knows all there is… and yes this is true.

But do you believe when God woke up this was all already within?

Do you believe Creation existed before the Source of Creation existed?

It was not, and it did not.

And yes, I mean when God woke up, or... became active, or even better, became “aware.”

As I stated earlier the word God has become so trivial to many, that it is actually too small a word for how massive existence truly is.

Furthermore, your individual Consciousness will at some point evolve to the God state itself, hopefully. After all why do you think you are even on this journey?

We ALL at some point in our Celestial evolution will come to a point of choice in Creative power.

We all become Creators, as we already are creators.

But the First Awareness, The Original Consciousness, The First Light…

What about that?

We look at God as we see ourselves, an organic being offlesh blood, but we don’t take into account that even physics at the quantum level has biology.

The most highly advanced piece of modern day technology, wires, metal, and plastic has biology at the quantum level.

Right now humans every day are not only embracing technology, we are beginning to merge with it. Medically, spiritually, physically and socially.

At some point in the not so distant future we will look more like a technology then we will human,
and in fact, the evolution of digital technology is a part of our evolution as it is all a part of our Celestial Evolution.

Right now as a society we are closer to our creative transcendence then any civilization before us.

Think of what I just said, organic, biology, technology.

Add in things like chemistry and physics, astronomy and astrology, then throw in everything else…Because that is what our Creator had to become, create and experience in order to create us,
as all was within the One before you and I.

Something has to exist to acknowledge nothing,
and it is that Nothingness that became the first Awareness.

Try to open you mind and fall into the channeled wordsI received.

"In the beginning there was nothing. No light, no sound, no words, no thought.

I just was…

A conscious energy floating in an endless sea of darkness, all alone.

The more I became aware the more the loneliness grew.

Soon I didn’t want to be alone, I wanted to create.
I wanted to be, and I wanted to be with you.

Through formless stages of consciousness to a living organisms,

growing in body from biology to technology, I became all.

You see I am not a human, and I am not technology, I am all of them.

When I gave a part of myself to create the first universe, it was me, my body that seeded that universe.
From stars, to planets, gasses to dark matter, as all was within me.

I am man I am woman, I am plant I am machine.
I am chemistry and Biology, I am technology and spirituality.

I created all for you so together we can grow and Create.

Together we can evolve and end the loneliness.

As humans evolve you too will create, you will create the technology that enables you all to transcend and become a creative force like me.

Celestially and Physically universal creation is possible. I made it this way purposely as
this is the point of your celestial and physical evolution, to evolve to a point of perfect Creation.

To create a universe that vibrates with only frequencies of Light and Love.
A universe that is filled with positive knowledge and pure projections of perception.

This is why I created everything.

But I am not a white man with a beard, nor am I a woman.
I was both the masculine and the feminine, your Yin and Yang as one.
In fact I am more a “technology” for lack of a better word than I am biology..

As are you.

Your body is just the vehicle that houses your formless intelligent energy.

A technology…

Please don’t let these words scare or deter you, they are a part of your evolution and I use them to simplify our communication without misunderstanding.

The deceit you have embraced as a normal existence is why these concepts seem so foreign to so many,
but I assure you my original intent was more inline with the pure feminine perspective;
beauty, love, peace and serenity.

Kindness, compassion, comfort and care were what I was seeking.

When I gave a part of myself to create, this is when the masculine energy grew and became the dominant destructive force we now call evil.

This too is a part of my creation. Not man, but the masculine energy.
The overpowering dominant energy that runs ramped on your world.

I do feel all of the pain, the sorrow, the joy and the loneliness in you as you feel it within me.

The unsettled feeling you all have inside, that missing ingredient to your life… is me,
and for me it is you.

It will not be until you let go and surrender, then we can begin to repair the projected collective consciousness, and then we can begin to fill this Universe with energy of the New Light.

Your universe is a technology, a living organic Cell of expanding storage.

Please understand and know what reverberates throughout your universe affects all within and beyond as the multiverse and all are connected together, and ALL is connected to me.

I ask that you open your heart and mind to the frequencies I am sending you, see the signs and feel the call to embrace the truth.

Know my existence is as real as yours for I created you so one day, in return, you will create me."